What Choice Do You Make?

“I don’t think I can do it. I can never work that hard.” And the most special “I don’t know.”
Statement like these have two imprecations: you either completely sefl aware or, you are completely against the concept of pushing yourself. The truth is both of the above revelations are bullshit. They are lies: self awareness although necessary, most of the times becomes self defense. What you might call self awareness could simple be a mechanism your brain has invented to keep you away from doing stressful work.

Your brain doesn’t know like stress and pressure, so it tries everything to keep you away from it. 

Your brain doesn’t understand success, it’s what you discovered as you were growing up, and your brain only understands your current state of being. It wants to save you from stress, fear,threat, pressure,loss,pain and sadness. It isn’t programmed to naturally chase some goals. You decide to do that based on finding out the relation between your current condition and how the world works.

Success is an idea that human invented and built into a system of hierarchy. It’s a perception that Changes with the eyes of the beholders, to some, being responsible parents and raising their kids right in success, to some owning a private jet. It’s changes from person to person based on what they see as an achievement, and when you become self aware and start rationalising everything, your brain does figure out all of this, and you are stuck with two personalities: 
One personality which is lazy, doesn’t want to work, so it’s builds the argunent. And then there is another personality that says, “No, I can be on the top, I want to be the top, I want to be found, known and celebrated, I wanna be a fucking millionaire, I want to wear the best clothes, drive the best car, and be able to own whatever I like”.

And here comes the dichotomy, a part of you that starts worshipping celebrities, models, others personalities. You start dressing up like them, start emulating them, and the other parts tells you look at your bank account and your job, and be satisfied.
In this fight, I will tell you who are the real winner is: Procrastination

Here’s the point: you have to choose. Let me tell you something, even becoming famous is possible for anybody, and I say this because to people, this word seems like we are talking about contracting extraterrestrials. Look at all the YouTubers, app developers, business people, CEOs, writers, musicians, sports personalities, there are so many people you hadn’t even heard of a few years ago. You know what happened?

They achieved their goals because they got out of the dichotomy.That living self contradiction in which you are stuck. Choose what it is hard you wants to do and leave the other. If you have something that drives you, gets you all emotional and excited, but there is another side that tells you to be satisfied with what you have, tells you that what you desire sounds great but it is just too much hard work, then this self contradiction will reflect in your work ethics as well.
You are living two lives: which one is it? Both are perfectly fine, as long as you know you won’t regret your choice.

Regret changes you. It will make you a dark, unhappy person, because regret carries self hatred.

Your dream could be anything: a college, job, business, a book, a song, a film, anything. The choice convinces your brain that this is the part you are talking, which in turn provide the room for raging obsession to enter.

Obsession for your goal cannot be quantified, so don’t rely on reasoning and logic when it comes to following your goals.

Don’t be stuck, realize that your bullshit excuses are creating a monuments of regret. People are not ordinary, they choose that.

What’s​ the choice you’re going to make?

Source: YouTube/Mensutra.


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